Head Coach

Coach Louie has been coaching runners of all ability levels since 2012. She believes that a technical and hands-on coaching approach in combination with a fun and positive training atmosphere brings out the best performances in her athletes.

Also, She is now the running coach of Nike Running Club Hong Kong.

Coaching course: Functional Training, H.I.I.T, H.I.I.T For Her, 
​Personal training


Senior Coach

Coach Anthony is focusing on trail running on different distance, he attended 3 100k course in one year.

He believes that fitness is very important for ultra runner. Therefore, he designs spacial program for uphill stability and downhill technique to insure runner will not get hurt and injury.


Furthermore, He would like to introduce functional training to more trail runner insure they have physically and mentally prepare for a ultra race

​Coaching course: Personal Training, H.I.I.T, Functional Training

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As a street workout and bodybuilding athlete .Coach Long believe that strength and mobility are the main component of workout .


Strength without mobility is useless .But without strength ,mobility would be limited .


Not just building up strength and muscle .Coach Long's programs helps students using their strength correctly and functionally .

Coaching course:  Arm Balance, killer core and strength& conditioning 



Senior Trainer

Ronald is focusing on the weight training and lean muscle gain. He will use the weight training and body weight to enhance their strength and stability.


He realised that different clients have their own needs and objectives. He is confident to help clients setting a program to achieve their desired aims in fitness training.

Coaching course:  Kettlebell and core, Fat burn HIIT, and strength & conditioning 




Placing a heavy emphasis on optimizing the physical performance,Coach Ariene is experienced in exploring possibilities to increase her students’ physical capacities. As a running coach with over ten years’ experience,

Coach Ariene is devoted to unleash the potential of all students. She offers comprehensive and personalized training programs, raining from mobility, strength, power, to mental strength, and is always ready to fuel her students with motivation to reach their training goals.



His Motto: The stronger your mental strength, the bigger your physical strength become.


With the support not limited to an effective cardio training, a tailor-made functional training would help his students to improve their performance from daily routine exercise to their favorite sports. Always remember our body achieve what our mind believe. 


Welcome to becoming the better version of yourself today!


Coaching course:  H.I.I.T for Her, Fat burn HIIT, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning



As an ultra trail runner, Tony believes that strength and conditional training are equally important for improving athletics performance. 


He hopes that students can establish a daily workout habits, and promote a heathy lifestyle.


Coaching course:  H.I.I.T for Her, Fat burn HIIT, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning